Trump PRAISES Pundit Who Tweeted NAZI SALUTE as ‘One of My Few Sources of Truth’

ON Wednesday, Donald Trump praised a disgraced CNN pundit, Jeffrey Lord—a man who was fired for tweeting “Sieg Heil!” back in August—as a “good man.” Looking out on his audience, Trump said,

Hi, Jeffrey. The great Jeffrey Lord. He was on fake news CNN for a long time. He was one of my few sources of truth. Thank you, Jeffrey, for being here. That’s a great honor.

Lord was one of CNN’s in-house Trump surrogates, but the network fired him for this tweet:

At the time, Lord was in the middle of an argument on Twitter with Angelo Carusone, head of Media Matters for America, when he made the offensive post. He claimed he was mocking fascists and offered no apologies. He told The Hill in August:

If I had known this was going to end up like this, I would have done it again. You have to go after these people [Media Matters]. This is not allowable under any circumstances.

Lord has a long history of making racist and inflammatory statements:

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