Trump’s AIDE (and Rumored Mistress) Keeps UPSTAGING MELANIA, and Trump is Loving Every Minute of It! [PHOTOS]

We know two things about the First Couple:

  • President Trump loves it when people fight for his attention.
  • And while it is increasingly obvious that Melania Trump doesn’t enjoy the president’s hand-holding or other physical displays of affection, she is always impeccably dressed and coiffed, as befits her previous training as a fashion model.

Into this happy union comes White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, who has been widely rumored as having an intimate relationship with the president. But as Vanity Fair points out, “The main thing that’s burst her bubble of semi-anonymity is clothes, specifically the outfits she’s chosen for the president‘s recent tour of Asia.”

Most eye-popping of all was this tuxedo she wore to a state banquet hosted by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Akasaka Palace last week. She totally upstaged Melania, who wore a red Valentino gown

Even though Melania showcased a reported $55,000 worth of dresses, coats and shoes—wearing big names like Dior, Fendi, and Delpozo—on Trump’s 12-day tour of Asia, in the eyes of some style insiders the US First Lady was definitely upstaged by Hicks, who is a former Ralph Lauren model. (It should be no surprise that Trump has a “type” when it comes to women.)

Hicks had never worked in politics before landing her job with Trump’s campaign—but brought with her a background in public relations.

According to The New Daily, an Australian newspaper,

Hicks is such a rising star in the Trump visual firmament of luxe power dressing women that “Hicks Watch” is becoming a real thing, even when she wears something ordinary. Her ponytails have been analyzed, her Louis Vuitton travel bag for an Air Force One flight cooed over, her hot pink dress for a Pearl Harbour tour praised.

And Trump couldn’t be happier:

Will she be Trump Wife #4? Only time will tell.

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