Trump’s Golf Cart Rentals Are Costing Taxpayers A Ton Of Money, At His Own Golf Course! — This Is Absurd!

According to USA Todaythe Secret Service is spending $13,500 of taxpayer money on golf cart rentals for Donald Trump’s summer vacation in Bedminster, New Jersey. Trump is insisting that this vacation is a “working vacation,” despite being caught playing an awful lot of golf.

Super PAC American Bridge has purchase orders for the golf cart rental contract last week, for his seventeen-day-vacation. The New York vendor providing the golf carts to the Secret Service offers weekly rates of between $500 and $900 a cart. The Secret Service also signed two rental contracts with the same company in June, each worth $5,400.

Additionally, the Secret Service spent $35,185 on rental contracts earlier this year in Florida, when Trump was regularly visiting Mar-a-Lago before it closed for the summer season. The grand total spent on golf cart rentals so far this year is $59,585—and the year is far from over.

According to Brad Barnum of American Bridge:

Trump’s vacations are costing Americans bigly—from the thousands of dollars the Secret Service is spending on golf carts to trail Trump on the course this week to the millions of taxpayer dollars already spent on his constant vacationing. If all Trump wants to do is play golf and watch TV, he should do us all a favor and retire.

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