Unhinged Evangelist Claims the ‘Gay’ Agenda Is Part of a “Larger Satanic Order” to Blend “Human and Animal and Machine” into One

Trump supporting evangelists are at war with the LGBT community.

Trump recently pandered to his Religious Right base when he announced a transgender military ban via Twitter.  Evangelical pastors saw Trump’s move as a green light to spread their hateful rhetoric.

One such evangelical pastor, Scott Lively, has an interesting theory concerning the ultimate goals of the LGBT movement.  Lively recently penned an articled titled “What’s Next on the ‘Gay’ Agenda after Transgenderism?”

Lively wrote:

“The ultimate goal of the ‘gay’ movement has always been the elimination of the restrictions on sexual ‘freedom’ imposed by Judeo-Christian civilization.”

He continued, “The supposedly ‘last’ and current fight is over transgenderism which goes much deeper and attacks the very bedrock on which civilization’s cornerstone rests. It challenges what it means to be human by attacking the fundamental order of creation – the binary nature of gender – which is a reflection of the very image of God in humanity (Genesis 1:27).”

Then, he went off on a tangent to explain his theory:

“Ultimately, the ‘gay’ agenda is simply a sub-plot of the larger Satanic agenda and now that LGBT goals appear nearly fully realized, the hidden hands behind them (both human and demonic) are coming into view. The puppet-masters who have made ‘gay’ supremacy possible have been working backward from the branch to the root to bring chaos out of order — the ultimate satanic goal: first confusion of sexuality as conduct, then confusion of marriage and family, then confusion of gender, and next confusion of what the Bible calls ‘kinds.’ It is not just the deconstruction of civilization but the dissolution of all boundaries between human and animal and machine, to produce creatures that are a blend of all three.”

He concluded, “We are witnessing the end-game before our very eyes but few recognize what they are seeing. What is next in the LGBT agenda is transhumanism, the redefinition of humanness and emergence of human/animal/machine chimeral forms.  Satan is fashioning a final comprehensive counterfeit alternative to the creation over which Man finally assumes that he has accessed the Tree of Life and is persuaded that he is God, destroying himself and ‘goodness’ itself in the process.”

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