Whiny Fox & Friends Hosts Are Furious At The Release Of This Photo [VIDEO]

Fox & Friends hosts are losing their minds about a photo that was released of Trump in a “family photo” doing a traditional ASEAN handshake with other world leaders. The photos captured the President making an awkward face, and the hosts are blaming it on the photographer, when really it was the President, himself, that made the face, not the one taking the photo.

While at the ASEAN summit, the handshake calls for the members to cross their arms across their chests and shake hands with the people beside them.

Trump is obviously a stranger to the gym and is out of shape, so this task was especially difficult for him.

Doug Mills snapped a photo of the moment:

Instead of making light of the fact that Trump was caught on film with a silly expression, they immediately took offense and began attacking the photographers. One of the hosts Ainsley Earhardt said, “It’s no secret that the New York Times has not been very friendly to the president or this administration.”

She asked, “but if you watch the video, do you see that face?”

Completely bothered, she added, “They snapped the photo when he was making that interesting awkward face.”

Steve Doocy threw in his two cents and said he thinks that this was the media’s way of getting their “revenge.”

Earhardt said, “Well when you watch the video and see the photo it’s obvious what they’re doing. They’re trying to portray him as being awkward as we just said, and they want to portray him in that light.”

They, then, went on to blame the awkward face on the fact that he’s taller than the rest of the men.

What a joke!

Here are some of the many photos that were captured during the handshake.


Their constant complaining reminds me of a certain someone…

What do you think?

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