Widespread PANIC After Racist Donald Trump Names Nominee For Top Immigration Position

“Bigoted” doesn’t come close to describing just how racist Donald Trump is. He hates anyone that isn’t white. That’s become abundantly clear, not only with the outlandishly intolerant statements he makes, but also with his wildly offensive policies, as well. While we’re still reeling over the outrageous Muslim Travel ban this f**king moron has put in place – we can’t ignore just how ignorant and idiotic his stance on Mexico has been.

He’s constantly crying for a border wall, tweeting prototypes of said border wall, and counting down the days till he gets his precious border wall. But we got some sad news, Donny Boy – that wall ain’t ever happening. No f**king way. And, deep down, Donald knows that already. That’s probably why he’s upped his racist game by increasing the amount of ICE agents around the country – dedicated on rounding up illegal immigrants and forcing them out of this country.

Some of their more recent accomplishments? Well, they detained and deported a high schooler hours before her prom, held a teenage girl at the border who was desperately looking for medical abortion and, not to mention, the young 10 year-old with cerebral palsy who they kept captive when she couldn’t prove her citizenship. Yeah…real “cool guys”, huh?

It seems like that reign of racist terror may be getting kicked up a notch, as Donald Trump recently tapped Thomas Homan as his nominee to be the new head of ICE. In the past, Homan has agreed with Trump’s views on immigration – which makes these two a lethally perfect pair.

Homan has even been quoted as saying that immigrants should be worried about getting deported. This bullsh*t statement, and nonsense like it, doesn’t represent what this country was founded upon. But, what else did we expect from a piece of sh*t racist, like Donald J. Trump?

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